2011 Talks

Unusual and Hilarious Vulnerabilities

Times seem to have changed, where your cellphone today is more powerful than the computer he used 5 years ago, the popularization of tablets and subnotebooks, .... However, all of these are still powered by software that was large written before the technologies were invented. 4 years ago the speaker made a list of some vulnerabilities in this software, and after looking at that list again, a surprising number of them still seem to be around. This talk will zone in and reminisce about some of them, showing that for all the change that has happened, nothing has really changed. hopefully the audience will enjoy the bugs, have a chuckle about how trivial some of them are, and walk away with some 0day :)

Speaker: R00t-Dude

 R00T-dude has recently awoken after being asleep for 4 years. He was previously a member of the netric security team, and has done security research, mostly on unix based platforms.


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