2011 Talks

Hacking Hollywood

This is a whirlwind tour through the production of film and TV, from script draft to ticket stub. A wide variety of software is involved in creating a motion picture - for pre-production tasks such as scriptwriting and storyboarding through to special effects generation, renderfarm control and video editing. And, funnily enough, it's terrifically vulnerable. Previously unreleased vulnerabilities will be showcased in industry-standard software used by the big studios for the big pictures. Watch Avatar? CSI? The Star Wars movies? These are just a few productions that use software I have exploited. Whether you're into Paper St style frame injection, controlling an army of renderbots or setting sail for The Pirate Bay with your pre-release booty, I've got something for you. Let me show you life on the other side of the screen, where the vulns have roamed free of predators.. 'til now.

Speaker: Nick Freeman / vt

 vt is a security consultant at Security-Assessment.com's Auckland office. After a couple of years of building systems he has turned to breaking them instead, and spends his spare time hunting 0day and the ultimate combination of whisky and bacon.





Unusual and Hilarious Vulnerabilities Unusual and Hilarious Vulnerabilities
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