2011 Talks

APCO P25 Security Revisited - The Practical Attacks!

APCO P25 is one of the worlds most commonly used digital radio protocols for Public Safety applications, including Australia, USA and Canada. After last years talk on the attacks we discovered in the APCO 25 protocol, we decided it was time to show how we went about implementing some of them. Using GNUradio Software Defined Radio, and the USRP hardware, we have implemented some attacks including the following.

We will cover topics such as key recovery using GPUs and FPGAs, Inhibit attacks using GNUradio and USRP as a P25 transmitter, and investigate the physical security (or total lack of) in a P25 key fill device.

Speaker: Steve Glass & Matt Robert

 Steve Glass is a researcher living in Queensland who's been working in he area of wireless networks, network security and cryptography. For fun Steve likes to play the trumpet, enjoys cycling and rows narrow, unstable boats on the Gold Coast's shark-infested waterways.

Matt Robert is an independent security researcher with an interest in GNUradio, wireless/RF technology and cryptography. He is employed as a IT Infrastructure engineer. In his spare time he enjoys flying competition aerobatics in a small, high powered biplane called the Pitts Special over the outskirts of Sydney.


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