2011 Talks

An Introduction to Software Defined Radio

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a powerful tool that lets you analyse and communicate with any wireless system without having to build dedicated RF hardware for each project. By moving complex RF processes into the software domain, almost anything is possible. SDR tools have now come well within reach of a wider audience; open source hardware and software are easily accessible.

I will give a brief overview of SDR, what the hardware and software options are, prior examples of it being used in research and commercial projects, and some of the experiments I have conducted. In particular, I will discuss satellite communications (for a change from the traditional terrestrial type) and how SDR, combined with some nifty analysis tricks, can be used to explore satcom links – from the RF level right down to making sense of the raw data.

Speaker: Balint Seeber

 A software engineer by training, Balint Seeber is the perpetual hacker and guy behind http://spench.net. His passion is extracting interesting information from often lesser-known data sources, and visualising them in novel ways. Lately, he has become obsessed with Software Defined Radio and all that can be decoded from the ether. When not receiving electromagnetic radiation, he pushes ahead as an entrepreneur by developing innovative web apps. He also loves to ride mountain bike trails.


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